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2399 chess

2399 chess
game type:
Card strategy
Game size:
25.14 MB
Game language:
Simplified Chinese
Application platform:
Anrdoid / iOS

The game has various battle situations, which can support friends to play matches, and can also share to players ! 2399 Chess and Cards Mobile Edition is a classic and fun chess and card mobile game. It is a fair and fair chess and card competition. It not only has the top anti-cheating technology, but also has a safe function. A lot of fun. Players can perform various entertainment competitions in the game. At the same time, players can also experience the most interesting chess and card battles in the game to ensure that players can feel the most interesting chess and card content in the game. In addition, players can also feel the chess and card in the game. Oh the characteristics.

2399 chess and card game features

1. There are so many poker pk contests waiting for you to challenge, there will be many unexpected surprises in winning the prize.

2, the gameplay is simple and clear, even the newcomer Xiaobai can quickly play.

3. Worried about the unfairness of poker? It doesn't matter, the system will automatically match players for you, no robots will participate.

4, the game screen is fresh and exquisite, each playing card looks very delicate, is simply a visual enjoyment

2399 board game advantages

1. Super realistic simulated offline chess and card gameplay, highly restored to the public and minority chess and card gameplay throughout the country!

2. There are many types of chess and cards. The latest and most interesting chess and card games are available here. You can play after downloading.

3, a variety of unique game events, without tickets to participate.

4.All modes are free to play without any requirements

2399 chess and card gameplay

Mahjong combat skills

① Did not listen to Zhang Hope's card pose:

Example 1: Medium, white, hair, east and south, 1, 2, 6, 9 barrels, 6, 8 strips, 80, 90,000.

Obviously, there are 5 single cards and 3 old cards (Mo Jiu) in this shop, which can not form a nine-card reverse. This is a pretty bad hand. Although there are still 3 sets of face cards that can be used for face cards, after all, they are poor opportunities for side-luggage l, 2 barrels, and 80,000-90, and inlays 6-8. According to the so-called "first three single-wind arrows, it is difficult for soldiers to listen to peace" in the card score. Even if each of these cards travels, it is quite far away from listening to Zhang Shihe. Prepare for discord. Therefore, when discarding a card, it should be determined by the sea card. The guest style cannot easily be thrown, and three unlicensed ones must be cautious, otherwise it will increase the Fanhe of other houses. After playing at another house, it's not too late to chase after it is cooked. Of course, the old man's card is first rounded off. In such a bad situation, in addition to chasing familiar cards, you should pay attention to one of your opponents. It is estimated that you are equal to the card, and you can try your best to promote the early and early peace and lose points.

Example 2: Middle, hair, east, north, 2, 5, 9, 9 pieces, 4, 5, 9 barrels, 2, 40, 000.

Although this kind of card is better than the above example, there is one less wind arrow, pairing and matching, and there are 5 cards in the single card with two cards on both sides. The contact value is greater, but the distance is still poor. Far away. If you hope and draw cards, you will make a big mistake.

Example 3: Hair, West, White, 1, 5, 9 cylinders, 1, 2, 4, 8 strips, 40,000, 50,000.

Of the four plates, only the green hair pair is an element. Although 1, 2, and 4 are compound faces, there are only 3 types of cards waiting, which is by no means a favorable situation. 45,000 and 5 cards in the middle of the card brought a glimmer of hope to the entire shop, but the lack of mahjong heads. If you rely on the die to enter a top card, you must also change at least 5 to 6 times. I am afraid that such a distant trip is not as good as when Zhang came. Therefore, it is strategically the same as Example 2. Playing in accordance with Example 1 is mostly beneficial and non-destructive.

② "Unknown" near the draw:

Example 4: Medium, white, 1, 4, 5, 8 barrels, 3, 6 strips, 1, 2, 7, 90,000.

In this example, the red middle pair is one element, plus 4,5 packages, 1,20,000 sidebands, and 7,90,000 inlays, which are the four elements of face cards. If one of the 3 and 6 cards and any of the touched mid-slices form a face, then there are 5 elements, which qualify for the draw. There is a sentence in the card score: "Secret deputy sums up, defeat can be seen immediately", which shows that those who are eager to make peace are often easy for others to let go. Therefore, whenever you use this example card to promote listening, you must be in peace and not be too hopeful. When your hands are straightened out, everyone knows that others have already “sharpened their swords” and are ready to eat.

Example 5: East, South, South, West, 1, 2, 3, 6 cylinders, 2, 3, 1, 7, 90,000.

There are 4 ready-made elements here, namely, a pair of door wind pairs, a pair of 123 tubes, and two or three pairs of inlays with 70,000 to 90,000. Of course, if you can touch a sheet that is connected to the middle sheet of 6 tubes Card, the card surface can be revived. Regarding the above-mentioned elements, once the face-to-face group of friends is formed, it is necessary to carefully consider when managing the cards. Although the east and south winds of the leaflet are guest cards, they could have been discarded. However, for the actual combat situation of this example, sometimes a wind card is left (naturally, there is no or only one corpse card in the "sea"), and it is very beneficial to draw a single card.

Example 6: Baibai, Nan, 1,2, 30,000, 40,000, 1,222, 6, 8 cylinders.

At first glance, this deck of cards is relatively neat. There are 5 elements: a pair of white boards, 1 or 2 sides, 2 or 40,000 inlays, 6 or 8 cans, and 1,222 cans. However, the potential crisis of this kind of card is extremely great. Regardless of side deck, inlay deck, and compound face, all the cards to be dealt are sharp cards of 3 and 7. These sharp cards are extremely difficult for masters to give up. The chances of relying on food to form a group of friends are very few, and the remaining half of the opportunities can only be felt by yourself. If you get an average of every 3 touches, you need at least 12 patrol cards.

Example 7: East, West, 1, 2, 3, 770,000, 2, 5, 8, and 3, 7, and 9 barrels are actually more advantageous than the previous example.

Although there are many single cards, it is easy to get them, which the old mahjong believes. Although there are two name plates and they are guest style cards, even if they are played, it is not a big deal. Here, the 70,000 pairs are the heads, 1.23 million pairs, and the 7 and 9 barrels are inlays. Although there are only 3 elements, the opening is extremely fast. Among them, Wanzi and Guanzi can make a composite face by entering any card, and they will never make a show. For slivers, you should first destroy 5 of the middle sheets (this is not what many people want). From a tactical point of view, after rounding out 5 strips, there are still 2 and 8 strips. In addition, no matter what Zhang entered, they can form a pair of elements, which are very well understood by masters. So, if you play well, you only need 5 hands (5 touches) as soon as you can.

③ The card posture with success and grasp:

Example 8: Dongdong, 2, 7, 8 cylinders, 3, 5, 7, 8 strips, 1, 3, 4, 60,000.

This deck of cards already has 5 sets of elements. Except for a single card with 2 barrels, the 16,000 or 60,000 in the compound face can be treated as a single card. First, there is no doubt that the house is 2 barrels. In case of 20,000 or 50,000 inlays on the card, you can remove 3 or 5 inlays. Conversely, if there are 4 inlays, 60,000 should be played first. Because the risk of 60,000 Zhongzhang is greater than the old man's card of 10,000, you can avoid letting go before you drop it before the next house. Once you hear the call, you can play another 10,000 without making mistakes.

Example 9: South, Fafa, 3, 5, 6, 8 cylinders, 5, 6 bars, 11, 3, 4 million.

This is also a card with 5 elements. In addition to a single Nanfeng card, the 3 and 8 barrels of compound face can also be regarded as a single card that can be sold. If you enter Zhang Nanfeng pair or any one of the packages, the house should be careful. Of course, first on the package card, that is, the south wind will play. If you re-enter the package, you should consider rounding off 40,000, so as to retain the compound face of 10,000, 30,000. However, judging from the habits of ordinary poker players, many people would rather unpack and say that they would not play 40,000 at all. This kind of play of staying close to the distance is still a strategy. It is not difficult to see that the green hair pair of this deck is easy to come out and will never stay on hand for use, so the only general is only 10,000. As long as you enter the package, it is reasonable to dismantle 30,000 or 40,000 partners. It is true that for five or six partners, because they are purely central Zhangzi, once they are dismantled, they can easily be eaten by others, so it is better to be reluctant.

Example 10: West, 5, 6 cylinders, 2, 3, 666, 2, 3, 4, 6, 70,000.

This is a great face card. Regardless of the starting hand to match cards or the face cards after two or three hands, as long as the cards or cards are dealt, you should not leave two partners to seek the general. Judging from the actual combat situation, we should not hesitate to round off the six pieces of engraving, which can not only retain the general, but also constitute peace. This department is safe and secure. On the contrary, if you are reluctant to take 6 ticks, you will probably miss the opportunity, and this is where the score is won.

Example 11: South-South, West-West, 88, 3, 4 cylinders, 1, 2, 3, 4, 50 thousand.

In this example, there are 3 pairs of pairs. In terms of elements, there are 6 groups in total. Therefore, there is one more element. In this case, it is necessary to dismantle one group. It is true that two pairs of wind cards are easier to hit, so when someone plays one of the plates, there is no need to rush to touch them. Instead, the door wind pair is used as the object of dismantling in order to restrain the next home. For 8 cards, it is best to enter 7 cards and play 8 cards to form a deck, so that the full shop card constitutes a better peace. If the table happens to meet the Nanfeng circle, and he sits in the third house again, then the two pairs of Fengzi should all come out, and the house is demolished with 3 or 4 barrels. If both players take the cards first, then eight pairs should be dismantled, and two pairs of wind sons should be used as double wind sons for a double touch.

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